Our First Panel Event

Eastchester-20140929-00120What if nobody comes? – probably the most pressing question on our minds on Monday, 29th September, as we prepared for our first Westchester Indie Author panel event at Eastchester Public Library in Westchester County, New York. Fortunately, by 7pm we knew we didn’t need to put plan B into effect (plan B being head for the bar across the street). We didn’t fill all the available seats by any means, but we had an audience.

The panel was made up of authors Mel Parish, Carol Dommermuth, d.r.deutsch and Julianna M. Dawson.  With Carol as moderator of the event entitled ‘Self-publishing – Is It For You?’, we discussed why we write, what led us to self-publishing and our own writing process before opening up the session to questions from the audience.

To our delight there was no shortage of questions on everything from formatting to marketing and the session came to an end at 9pm only because the library was about to close.

With first-time nerves behind us we now look forward to similar future events, including our next panel at Rye Library on 13th November, 2014.


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