Our First Market Event – Hastings, August 2014




The first attempt at anything is always nerve-wracking, you never know quite what to expect, and that is how it was on Sunday August 10, when we participated in our first flea market. The weather obliged by being sunny and dry but minus the heat and humidity one normally expects in August., a welcome relief when faced with being outside from 10am until 4pm!

2014-08-10 09.10.17 The group is still small so we didn’t have a lot of books to offer and the crowds ebbed and flowed throughout the day, but we got a reasonable amount of traffic to our table and a good deal of interest in Westchester Indie Authors Group itself.                                                                                     DSC02399

All in all it was a valuable learning experience, one which we hope to take advantage of at future markets, including our next appearances at Pearl River Lions Club Annual Flea Market and Craft Fair on September, 20, 2014 and again at Hastings Flea on October 12.



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